• Orchestra Recordings in Prague

    Film, TV, Game & Classical orchestra recordings in Prague

  • Remote Monitoring

    Listen to your recording session from anywhere in the world.

  • State-of-the-art Studio

    Recordings at Czech TV’s Music Studio A in central Prague

Recording Orchestra

World-class orchestra Film, TV, game & classical recordings at a state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Central Europe.

Remote Monitoring

Free streaming service.  Listen to your recording session from anywhere in the world. Or attend your session in person!


Editing/mixing/mastering services available.  Receive all the raw takes by online transfer.

Recent Projects


Star Wars Universe
Imperial Suite
Star Wars UniverseImperial Suite
Star Wars Universe
Jedha City Ambush
Star Wars UniverseJedha City Ambush
Star Wars Universe
Jyn Erso & Hope Suite
Star Wars UniverseJyn Erso & Hope Suite
Star Wars Universe
Reminiscence Therapy
Star Wars UniverseReminiscence Therapy
8-bit Symphony
William Wobbler
8-bit SymphonyWilliam Wobbler
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyFirelord
8-bit Symphony
Barbarillax (8-bit Symphony)
8-bit SymphonyBarbarillax (8-bit Symphony)
8-bit Symphony
Flash Gordon
8-bit SymphonyFlash Gordon
8-bit Symphony
Imagine Ocean
8-bit SymphonyImagine Ocean
8-bit Symphony
Monty on the Run
8-bit SymphonyMonty on the Run
8-bit Symphony
Monty's Journey
8-bit SymphonyMonty's Journey
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyTrap
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyZoids
Star Wars Universe
Rogue One
Star Wars UniverseRogue One
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