• Orchestra Recordings in Prague

    Film, TV, Game & Classical orchestra recordings in Prague

  • Remote

    Listen to your recording session
    from anywhere in the world
    or attend in person…

  • State-of-the-art Studio

    Recordings at Czech TV’s Music Studio A in central Prague

Recording Orchestra

World-class orchestra Film, TV, game & classical recordings at a state-of-the-art studio in the heart of Central Europe.

Remote Monitoring

Free streaming service.  Listen to your recording session from anywhere in the world. Or attend your session in person!


Editing/mixing/mastering services available.  Receive all the raw takes by online transfer.

Recent Projects


8-bit Symphony
William Wobbler
8-bit SymphonyWilliam Wobbler
8-bit Symphony
Barbarillax (8-bit Symphony)
8-bit SymphonyBarbarillax (8-bit Symphony)
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyFirelord
8-bit Symphony
Flash Gordon
8-bit SymphonyFlash Gordon
8-bit Symphony
Imagine Ocean
8-bit SymphonyImagine Ocean
8-bit Symphony
Monty on the Run
8-bit SymphonyMonty on the Run
8-bit Symphony
Monty's Journey
8-bit SymphonyMonty's Journey
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyTrap
8-bit Symphony
8-bit SymphonyZoids
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